3 Tips For Stress Free Family Photos With Your Dog

If you feed your dogs the best food you can buy, take them on every vacation & to every dog friendly restaurant, and always get them a pup cup on your Starbucks run, I think it’s safe to say that that’s not just a dog – it’s your precious bébé. So, when you’re getting your family photos updated, it’s obvious that your pup should be included in the fun! So, if you’re looking for some tips on how to have your family photos with your dog without any added stress, you’re in the right place!

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Tip #1: Brush Up On The Basics

Every dog trainer I’ve ever had has always told me it’s a “life long learning” process. But do I work on training my pup for an hour every day? Nope – I’ve got other things to do, and Poptart (my pug) is left running around like a maniac most of the time. So, I totally understand if it’s been a minute since you’ve asked your pup to intentionally sit & stay. But in the week or so leading up to your photo session, take about 20 minutes each day and brush up on those basics so your dog can really shine in your session. If you need some help remembering how to get your doggo to do these commands, I recommend this video on Youtube.

Tip #2: Ain’t Too Proud to Bribe

You know those treats that your dog will do literally anything for? The ones that would make them rob a bank if you asked…and if they knew how? Yeah, bring those treats! Whether their favorite snack is a small biscuit, or jerky stick break it up to be small enough to fit in your pocket, and they’ll stay by your side the whole time! Pass a few over to me, and I’ll put them in my dorky dog treat belt pouch (yeah…we own one of those…), and I’ll hold it up so they look right at the camera. Is your dog more of a toy lover, and less food motivated? No problem – bring their three favorite portable toys so we can mix it up & keep them happy!

Tip #3: The More The Merrier (and Easier)

My last tip for having a smooth family session featuring your beloved pup, is to bring a friend or family member that your dog is comfortable with along for the ride. This should be a friend that your dog will be totally fine being around while sitting on the sidelines, and someone that won’t be included in the photos this time around. I want your pup in as many photos as possible, but there might also be moments when you want some of just the humans, or they need a break. These times are when your pup wrangler friend will step in, hold the leash, and shower your dog with love while you’re in front of the camera. It helps your dog feel safe and have less FOMO, and helps you know you can enjoy your session knowing your dog is secure!

Bonus Tip: Remember Your Bags

Nope, not your canvas grocery bags; the poop bags! But if you happen to forget your dog bags, don’t worry – I’ve always got some in my car.

Austin family photographer, Alyssa Greenwood Photo, helps you get family photos with your dog.

There you have it! My top tips for a smooth, pet friendly family photo session! Including your pets in your sessions is one of my favorite things, and I’m always happy to pet, play, and photograph them! Say hi to your dog for me!

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3 Tips For Stress Free Family Photos With Your Dog


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