Why Get Couple Photos During Your Family Session?

husband and wife kissing during session with Austin family photographer Alyssa Greenwood

It’s Valentine’s Day, and this Austin family photographer is feeling the love all over the place! Maybe you’ve noticed that Valentine’s Day looks a little different when you’re a parent. Less like a gourmet dinner and a night at a fancy hotel and more of a Netflix & chill night. Do people still say that? Either way, it’s so easy to let romance take a bit of a backseat when you have kiddos. But being a parent doesn’t mean you and your partner can’t be spicy every now and then.

This goes for your family photos, too! We often feel like when we get family photos done, every shot has to include the kids in some way. But I’m is here to give you permission to love your spouse in front of the lens without the kids being in the picture.

I’ve heard plenty of parents say “Just pictures of us? Wow, we haven’t had any pictures taken of just the two of us since our wedding day!” That wedding day could have been one year ago, seven years ago, or even more! That’s a long time to go without having pictures taken of just you and the love of your life. Yes, you’re parents, but you’re still a couple that’s crazy in love, and that still deserves to be documented. That’s why I always do my best to get photos of parents together being just a couple!

Austin, TX couple hugging and laughing during family photo session.

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If you have kids that are a little too young to be alone while you take photos – especially if they just discovered they can crawl, or walk – I recommend bringing a stroller they can hang out in, or having a trusted person come along to entertain them!

So, the next time you have family photos taken, consider getting some fun, lovey, and maybe a few PG-13 photos of you and your honey! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Why Get Couple Photos During Your Family Session?


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