Do You Need More Than Files?

It’s no secret that our entire lives are digital and online, and with that comes a different kind of connectivity. When you have a photo session and your family photographer gives only the digital files, you’re able to not only put them on Facebook, but also send them out more selectively to your loved ones, and also have the option of getting them printed yourself. One of the greatest things about only getting digital files from your photo session, is being able to do that!

But if you’re anything like me, your family’s moments that you were so excited to have captured are just sitting on your hard drive instead of proudly being displayed on the walls, or in albums. I seriously have a decade worth of photos that I just never got printed. Photos of my daughter growing up, my family all together, even my own wedding! I am seriously so bad at it that I recently had to ask my wife, “Are our wedding pictures on your computer somewhere? Because I have no idea where those are.”

Does this all sound a little familiar?

I know that getting all of the digitals from your photo session feels like an obvious home run, and for mass sharing with friends and family, it’s a good option. But could they actually be a bit more trouble than we think? You have to ask yourself if you’re going to be able to take the time to go through every single image, find your favorites, and have them printed. Are you even head over heels in love with every single image?

So, what should you do? We’ll talk about more options next time when we go over the pros & cons of custom art products.Preteen girl sitting in a big chair while looking at her phone.

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Do You Need More Than Files?


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