Siblings, Swing sets, & Sweet Rides with The Cullen Family

Did you ever stop and think about what you were like as a big or little sibling? Okay, I can tell you (and my sister would also love to tell you) that I wasn’t the best big sister; I was greedy, bossy, and just all around pretty rotten. Hey, I’ve been working on it since becoming an adult.

I was also a professionally annoying little sister to my big brother…I was doing pretty much all the same things my little sister did that bugged me. But the thing about brothers and sisters is even if you weren’t the sweetest when you were kids, you still have the chance to be best friends as you get older. I think about that a lot with family sessions. Some days are tense between siblings, and that can include picture day. That’s okay, because from one second to the next they can go from teasing one another to falling on the ground laughing and hugging. As much as my brother, sister, and I fought, we always knew we still loved one another. We were each other’s first best friend, after all!

Earlier this Summer, I photographed an Austin area family and had such a great time with these two kids! They’re hilarious, playful, and loving even when the tensions got high. You can just tell they love eachother more than anything! Take a look and let me know the silliest thing you and your siblings fought over as kids.





Siblings, Swing sets, & Sweet Rides with The Cullen Family


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