The Pierce Family | Meuller Park Family Lifestyle Session

I’ve lived in Austin for a good while, and something I love about being a family photographer in this city is re-exploring things I love about this place with families I photograph. I tend to have a wandering heart and sometimes feel like I want to move, but it’s sessions like this one that remind me of the kick ass things Austin has to offer.

This amazing family wanted their holiday photos taken at Meuller park, and I was so excited! I’ve been to Meuller plenty of times for the farmers market, and it’s always so beautiful! So, in the middle of a crowded park (the weather was gorgeous), we made ourselves comfortable and had fun while taking some stress-free photos!

Where in Austin would you want to have your family photo session? Let me know in the comments!





The Pierce Family | Meuller Park Family Lifestyle Session


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